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Mechanical Rebuilds


Sebright Garage is a specialist workshop which carries out Mechanical Rebuilds of a high standard of detail, authenticity and respect to a car's past. Whether its an engine, suspension or brake system rebuild, our skilled team will overhaul them to original manufacturers specification and only use the best parts available.



Preventative Maintenaince

At Sebright Garage we set a bench mark for a standard of work in which each Rolls-Royce and Bentley is serviced to the standards that were expected and carried out by Hythe Road which in-turn maintains the longevity of the client's car. Everything we do from start to finish is photographed. Each car entering and leaving the workshop is fully tested to the standard that was required at Hythe Road.




At Sebright Garage we offer a unique opportunity for any customer to ask advice about a  project they are undertaking themselves. We are happy to road test a Rolls-Royce or Bentley which a customer is thinking of purchasing and give a comprehensive test and report.